Loyola Matriculation School


The classroom is composed of several learning area: practical life, sensorial, Language, Maths, Science and cultural subjects. The abundance of materials makes it possible for the children to exercise more self-direction and independent work then is usually possible in a traditional class room.


We have a well-equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately catering to the needs of the students. The science materials present certain aspects of this world, in such a way that the child can observe, experiment, demonstrate and record what he has learned. The focus here is that the child learns how to be a scientist: objective, organized, able to perform tasks in a predetermined order and record the results. Science is a hands –on activity that includes Biology (Botany and Zoology) and Physical Science.


Loyola Matriculation School grants scholarship to support the students’ education and it is awarded on the basis of either academic performance or on other achievements and it reflects the values and the purposes of the donor of the award.

Thus, Loyola Matric School has positive learning environment to provide the best possible opportunities to develop the progress of the students……….

Facilities Offered