Loyola Matriculation School

The Academic Session

The School activities are scheduled only for five days a week - Monday through Friday. The Sixth day Saturday is exclusively marked for cultural based co-scholastic actives. The sports activities of the school are significantly built in the working schedule of all the working days of the week.

However, in case of unprecedented holiday(s) declared based on Government announcements / other reasons during the weekdays that week’s Saturday will be converted into an academic working day as a compensative measure. The same will be intimated to the parents through ‘SMS-Mobile Service / an Official Circular / Note in Student’s Hand Book.

The weekly schedule is well worked and planned out to provide a befitting atmosphere for the all round development of the students and to turn them into good citizens of the country. The daily routine is designed to cultivate good habits in the students to develop in them the capacity for self-education to progressively develop their mental and physical capabilities and to provide time for intellectual recreation.


The School follows Matric System of teaching. The School provides a positive and conducive learning environment to the students. Individual attention and support is provided to the students. The students’ progress is monitored through conducting regular assessment tests, apart from quarterly, half yearly and annual examinations. Various Seminars and Workshops are organised to impart knowledge in key areas beyond academics on a regular basis.

Our Educational Partners


It is a proven and research based academic program which believes that skills are built through repeated experiences of trying things on one’s own. Thus it builds thinking skills and problem solving confidence in children. Hence the children asks more questions, write in their own words, can complete their homework on their own, scores good marks in tests and they are able to communicate effectively.

Teach Next

It is digital learning ecosystem which makes the end-to-end process of teaching and learning easy and more engaging. At the core of teach next a rich multimedia based, pedagogically appropriate content mapped to school curriculum.

CADD Centre

It provides training enabling the students to enhance their skills and helps them to acquire theoretical and practical experience. Further it provides company oriented practical cadd drawings for the students.

Skills Grow

It provides unique program designed to provide a holistic and joyful learning experience. It works on the philosophy that children learn better when they are engaged in the process of learning. Its various courses include right brain education programs, creative problem solving skills, communication and personality, effective business english communication, teaching knowledge and training sills.


Learners today need to be engaged in activities beyond academics that will enhance their personality and skills to apply in practical life. The skills acquired here, at later years in the secondary manifest as Career and Life skill learning.



Healthy body, healthy mind, boldness, sound financial conditions, truthfulness, accepted behavior is essential for a happy life. The one and the only club to enable the children enjoy such a happy life is the Scouts. We are very happy to be the member of Bharath Scouts.The students are divided into patrol wise. In each patrol they have a leader and an assistant. Every Monday the scouts gather for the meeting with their scout’s uniform. Special camps are organized to invoke obedience and helping tendency among the students.


JRC was on track in Loyola Matriculation School. We are happily in service for a decade. JRC enables the children to lead a happy, healthy life and to behave well in the school and society. Every Wednesday the students and staff in charge gather to plan the activities of the week. The student from VI – X can be member.